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Love Natural export Wholesale Manufacturer Buy Direct From Vietnam Factory Organic Natural bamboo straw with logo lazer and very strong butSure our bamboo straw very strong but super thin tube wall. We have 2 type of bamboo straw B1 – And B2.

LOVE NATURAL Invest to create best trading values

Love natural ltd is leader investing for trading with No 1 capacity and high quality product.

Our passion to become a social enterprise to solve and reduce plastic straw, bowl… on the planet.

We work and invest directly for farmer to increase their product value also increase their income such as: invest solar house, control bio fertilizer (worm earth), technical support…

We share our mission with young genaration.

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1. Bamboo Straw self-life

Bamboo Straw have self-life in 10-20 months. Can reusable and it is better to use personaly. Our bamboo straw is no chemistry to make it clean so still have 1-2 modly, but 100% is organic. It is 100% nature more than China bamboo (very same same color because they have to make it white and same color with chemistry.

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Product Name
Natural Grass Straws/ Rice straw/ Bamboo straw
We have 2 model
1, B1 – Type 1 Dried bamboo Straws Very selected. Yellow color
2, B2 – Type 2 Dried bamboo Straws selected. Have green and yellow color. Modly
4 – 8 mm – coffee size, or 8-10 – juice size, 10-12mm milk tea size)
10 cm, 20 cm or As Request. Nomally is 20cm
As Request – Plus extra cost. Moq 500 pcs
Opp bag, cloth bag and paper box. MoQ 1000pcs
How to clean
With bamboo, after use, wash bamboo straws under water and dry. Use lemon solution, hot vinegar .. to clean the tube. And dry in the sun once a week.
After use
Compost or burn away


2. Difference between Bamboo straw B1 and B2

B1 is very selected bamboo straw have yellow color and litle bit modly and have 10% of B2. B2 have modly on straw but look very nature colour.

B1- Type 1 Bamboo straw

B1 - Bamboo straw type 1
B1 – Bamboo straw type 1
B2 – Bamboo straw b2

3. Can lazer/customize bamboo straw?


We have added service:

  1. Lazer on straw.

MoQ is 1,000pcs. If you wanna laser engraved logo on bamboo. Extra cost will be : 0.06$/pcs,  so total cost is 0.15 – 0. 1 $/pcs depend on your B1 or B2/volume.

Under 250kg will ship by air.

lazer starving

2. Private packing:

To have private logo, Please provide us: 1. Find pdf , Ai… high quality to print. 2. Cost to laze for 1 sample at least 100 straw is 2500vnd (0,12$/pc) + price for 1 wholesale straw is 0,12$ (2500vnd) , total: 0,25$/pc/straw with laze logo. Cost to laze for bigger volume at least 500 straw will down to 1500vnd (0,07$/pc) + price for 1 wholesale straw is 0,08$ , total: 0,15$/pc/straw with laze logo. 3. Save your order at here for me

Packing private brand name

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