Durian musang king

Durian musang king
Durian musang king

The Durian musang king is positioned as a high-end type of durian, the price is 5-6 times higher than the price of Vietnamese durian from 1 million – 1 million 6 / kg. The smell is so strong that anyone who eats unfamiliar may be uncomfortable. And the quality is only slightly higher than Vietnamese durian.

Durian musang king inside yellow
Durian musang king inside yellow

Durian Cai Mon Ben Tre with incentives built from the yellow alluvial rivers can rival Durian Musang King.

The journey of Durian musang king:

The Durian musang king is found in the province of Kelantan, Malaysia. By Frankie – a durian business with many years of experience. He specializes in tracing all kinds of delicious durian varieties from all over.

After finding the durian variety Gua Musang, he was extremely excited and believed it to be the king of fruits. So King here means King of Fruits, not King Musang’s name. So he decided to change his name from Gua musang to Musang king.

Sharing about his experience, Frankie said, when tasting the taste of durian, it touched his heart. And he believes it will remain tomorrow’s brightest star.

It has 10 criteria to become the king of all fruits. It wins the hearts of 70% of durian lovers.

 Durian musang king inside red

Durian musang king inside red

Featured of Durian musang king:

Appearance: The musang king durian has an outstandingly deep yellow color, is quite smooth, fatty and fragrant.

The segments are quite thick rice, soft rice, flat seeds.

The most striking feature of Musang King durian is its deep yellow color, very smooth, without fibers and firm, sticking together. The bottom part of the Musang King durian fruit is clearly divided into 5 large segments embracing the body.

Musang king durian exports:

Currently, musang king durian is usually export to China and Europe. The demand to buy durian from the Chinese market is very large, especially since they also buy hundreds of tons of Vietnamese durian. However, currently the durian export is facing difficulties because Vietnamese customs have not yet approved. Therefore, the export mainly goes through unofficial channels or exports directly to orders from Vietnam to other countries (except China).

Durian musang king tree
Durian musang king tree

There are 2 types of durian Musang: yellow and red flesh. Musang king durian is not too sweet and has a bitter taste like an avocado. This is a big minus point.

This fruit originated from the state of Sabah Malaysia. And over time, it has been bred in many places, especially basaltic soils such as the Central Highlands of Vietnam, this fruit has been brought back to Vietnam with many varieties of Thai Monthong. public. Vietnam is one of the durian-loving countries.

Musang durian when exported abroad is often separated and closed in the frozen durian style.

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Durian musang king 

In the world there are thousands of varieties of durian. Each variety will have a different flavor and color. But the most delicious and high yielding varieties are the durian varieties Ri6 – Vietnam, Monthong – Thailand, and the durian musang King Malaysia.

Each durian variety will need different planting time, soil, climate and fertilization.

The best durian is the self-ripe durian. But this type should only be eaten in the garden, and in addition, it will be dipped with medicine because ripe durian falls on its own for only 1-2 days, it will easily change the taste.

During the year, in Vietnam, there will be 2 main seasons in February – June, which are the cheap durian Ri6, the flat seed will be more expensive than the big-seeded durian. And June-December is like a Monthong durian, larger in pods but with bigger seeds.

And especially there is durian selected from squirrels – for signs of natural ripening and perfect flavor. It is called Durian Squirrel King.

Origin of the durian musang king:

The durian musang king is start from Malaysia. By Frankie – who specializes in finding delicious durian varieties. And he stopped searching 28 years ago when he found the durian variety Gua Musang. Indigenous people call this durian variety the Raja Kunyit, while people from other provinces will call it is Gua Musang.

He calls this is the king of fruits. So he changed the name to Musang King to add more legend and impact to it. So musang king does not mean King of Musang as many people think, Musang is just the name of the locality.

What does the durian musang king taste like?

Durian has many flavors from sweet to bitter. Like durian musang king, durian musang king has an indisputable taste, there are also very sweet musang queen (also known as Tekka durian) or XO durian with flavor of Brandy is also very popular.

Durian Musang King has a bit of a bitter taste. However, the rich aroma, greasy taste, eye-catching yellow color and moderate sweetness of the musang king durian are still chosen and loved by many people.


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