Fresh durian

sầu riêng tươi
sầu riêng tươi

Fresh durian contains vitamins C, B, fiber, iron, copper, potassium … very good for resistance, improving blood flow.

1. Add energy

About 234 grams of durian fruit is equivalent to about 20% of carbohydrate.
Using 1/5 of fresh durian fruit helps you replenish the necessary energy for your body

2. Fat and calories

With about 250g of fresh durian contains more than 350 calories and 13g of fat.
This type of fat is not harmful to your body. However, it will make you gain weight quickly if used regularly

3. Fiber

Fresh durian
Fresh durian

Fresh durian contains a high content of fiber.
Every day the body needs to consume an average of 15g of fiber
Fresh durian is a good fruit to provide you with fiber (In 243 grams, durian will provide: Calories: 357. Fiber: 9 grams Carb: 66. gram.)

4. Fresh durian is rich in vitamin C

Durian musang king tree
Durian musang king tree

Vitamin C helps the body fight disease, aids wound healing, helps lower cholesterol and improves blood flow.
In 100g dorian fruit contains 19.7mg of Vitamin C, so durian is a good fruit to help you supplement Vitamin C.

5. Vitamin A for health

Durian contains a fairly high amount of vitamin A (100g durian has 44 mg of Vitamin A),
Vitamin A is needed to protect the integrity of the cornea and subcutaneous epithelial organizations, trachea, salivary glands. , small intestine, testicles

6. Fresh durian contains iron and magnesium

is the durian delicious?
is the durian delicious?

Duran fruit is rich in iron and magnesium (100g durian has 30mg magnesium and 0.43mg iron.Magnesium and iron are essential for the formation and creation of healthy red blood cells. Durian also contains manganese. Helps support bone health and skin health.

7. Significant potassium content

Potassium is an important electrolyte that helps control blood pressure, keep sodium levels within the right range and helps regulate heart rate. 100g of durian contains 436 mg of Potassium

8. Tryptophan found in Durian

where to buy durian fruit
where to buy durian fruit

Fresh durian helps you get a good night’s sleep thanks to Trytophan found in durian

9. Energy metabolism through Thiamin

Vitamins can help the body convert carbohydrates into energy and aid in muscle development and nerve health.
A serving of fresh durian contains about 30% of thiamin

10. Lots of phosphates

Fresh durian contains many phosphates, also known as pholic acid.
This substance assists in preventing heart disease, developing fetus and assisting with brain function.

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