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Fresh young coconut – one of the 100% natural drinks, popular with many people with its sweet taste. In addition, fresh young coconut is called immortal water because it contains many vitamins and minerals than many other juices or smoothies.

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Fresh young coconuts, young copra, copra or aged coconut are different types of coconut trees based on experience as well as visual observation that people classify these types. From the past, the coconut tree has become extremely close and has a great significance for human life. We take advantage of all the parts of this tree. They are highly appreciated by scientific experts for their values, especially Westerners who also refer to them as “miraculous water or immortal water”.

Through the article below we will share with you interesting knowledge related to this delicious fruit!

  1. 3 important points to know about fresh young coconuts, young coconut meat, copra.
  2. What are the characteristics of fresh young coconut to have excellent drink?

Fresh young coconut ages will have taste sweet enough, very soft copra/meat that can be grated with drinking water is quite interesting. However, if you are not careful, you can choose too young coconuts (the water will be sour) or too old coconuts with very light water because the nutrients have been transferred to the copra.

Fresh young coconuts have a bright green skin color, glossy coconut shell, soft skin and the young copra is also soft, can be pressed while the outside of the shell has no black or brown spots. To be able to distinguish between young coconuts and coconut shells, old coconuts, the most common way is to look at the color of coconut shells, or when they are added, press the hand. When you press the nails in the copra, there will be milky water secreted, spreading the greasy aroma, the young coconut is also easier to split than the middle ages coconut because it is softer.

There is also another way to distinguish which is young coconut, middle ages coconut if viewed the coconut shell. From the experience of coconut traders is to look at the color on the coconut shell, especially near the stem. You will use your fingernail to scrape the coconut shell near the base of the stem, when it is easy to remove the shell it is the fresh young coconut.

Fresh coconut
Fresh coconut

Fresh young coconuts take about 3-4 months to be harvested. However, young coconuts have little water and not much sweetness and the young copra (middle ages coconut) is also quite soft. Young coconut water is better to drink than old coconut water because they contain more nutrients as well as better. For the best is middle aged coconut. This type ensures both freshwater and copra is also hard, and not as soft as young copra. But also depending on feelings, dietary needs, preferences that each person will choose arbitrarily. As long as raw, fresh coconut water and copra will be rated for good health.

  1. Nutritional ingredients in fresh young coconut

2.1. Nutritional ingredients in fresh copra: 

Young copra or copra are different names, depending on the local regions that people will call. This is the intersection between the coconut water and the coconut shell, the coconut pulp (the flesh) in the coconut is white, this is also the part that can be eaten next to other parts of the coconut tree: coconut water, color Coconut, coconut tubers, young coconut leaves. So what are the nutritional ingredients in copra and what are the nutrients?

  • Fat: monounsaturated fat, polyunsaturated fat, saturated fat
  • Carbohydrate: dietary fiber and sugar
  • The amount of calories in fresh copra is extremely plentiful, specifically, for every 100g of young copra there are up to 354 calories.
  • Minerals: zinc, potassium, phosphorus, magnesium, iron, calcium
  • Vitamins: vitamin C, B9 / B6 / B5 / B3 / B2 / B1
  • Protein

Young coconut has such abundant nutritional ingredients, so today there are many products produced and processed from coconut for sale, such as: dried young coconut, young copra milk, coconut jam, honey from coconut flowers… has unique and delicious flavors with different prices due to product characteristics, brands but generally suitable for consumers’ wallets.

In parallel with the rich nutritional ingredients in the fresh young copra, the user also needs to note that you should not eat too much copra, drink a lot of coconut milk because it will harm the heart.

2.2. Nutritional ingredients in fresh coconut water:

Coconut water has less sodium, fewer calories and more potassium than sports drinks. Most coconut water has no taste, in 30ml of coconut water will have:

  • 5.45 milligrams of sodium
  • 61 milligrams of potassium
  • 1.3 grams of sugar
  • 5.45 calories

Many minerals in coconut water such as: copper, zinc, phosphorus, iron, calcium, magnesium

Fat free, low calorie, natural cholesterol

And also according to USDA, in a cup of 100% fresh coconut water, about 240g contains: 0.5g – protein, 9.6g – sugar, 10.4g carbohydrates, 64mg -natri, 44 – calories.

  1. Easy way to open a fresh young coconut? Easy open coconut with diamond cutting. 

Everyone knows that young coconuts are nutritious and good for health, but opening the coconut is also a problem for the user. To overcome that problem, our products have been trimmed to ensure that users only take 1 to 2 minutes to use. Specifically, the fresh coconut is cut in the diamond shape to easy open coconut you, please follow these steps:

  • Use the sharp tip of the knife to pierce the eye of the round hole on the top of the white coconut shell.
  • Among all kinds of young coconut with inverted diamond or shaved coconut, just plug in a straw to use it! But it is also more difficult to preserve because it deteriorates faster than the diamond cut young coconut because this weak eye part is easily exposed to the air.

    Coconut water is good for pregnant women
    Coconut water is good for pregnant women

  II. The brand offers reputable fresh young coconut, young copra, frozen fresh virgin coconut meat.

On the market there are many brands selling fresh coconuts, but not all places provide quality products. Love Natural brand – specializes in exporting products from: Fresh young coconuts, young copra, fresh frozen coconut pulp to many markets around the world, one of the reliable names that customers complete. Safety when using the product.

  • With dipping detergent, whitening is approved for safety.
  • At the same time, the process of taking coconuts is also in accordance with the process so that the coconut is not impacted, and intact when going to the workshop.

We use selective chemicals in the bleaching process to ensure high quality and safe to use. Especially when taking fresh coconuts, we are very fond of them, only taking them in a sunny day and when we take them carefully, we do not allow the fresh coconut to be impacted or bruised, leading to excessive damage.

Coming to Love Natural company, customers will enjoy the benefits as well as ensure:

– Competitive price in the market.

– Large capacity: reach 2 days / 1 container 20ft. And have a permanent part-time team to double or triple capacity.

– Strict, meticulous and professional process in each small segment.

– High reputation in business (With more than 10 years in business, 2 years on, and advisory boards for businesses under large corporations in the country and the world). We care about customer perceptions and after sales service.

Coconut tree
Coconut tree

– Diversified sale, all types.

– Specializing in exporting, large-scale, so you can be assured of product quality and delivery time.

– The origin of coconuts is clearly purchased in the garden in the western region of Vietnam.

young coconut
young coconut

Our brand Love Natural brings fresh, fresh peeled coconuts, young copra, and freshly peeled coconuts to customers, including three types, offering more choices for customers. As convenient to take away or use immediately: (With brix required from 7.4% – 8.5%).

– Fresh diamond cut coconut: cheap price, with volume from 800g – 1200g / fruit, many customers choose: China, Europe, …

Thai coconut super dwarf
Thai coconut super dwarf
  • Swipe diamond: Store for longer than 1 month for 3-5 months. Before drinking, need to cut the diamond tip
  • Reverse diamond sharpening: just plug in the straw. Preservation for 2 to 4 months.

– Coconut trimmed: small, compact in the palm of the hand from 400gr- 600gr / fruit, very popular with Japanese and Canadian customers. Preservation for 2 to 4 months. Or up to 18 months in -18 degreed. 

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