frozen durian fruit

Durian musang king inside yellow
Durian musang king inside yellow

Frozen durian fruit is a form of fruit preserved by freezing method,

Frozen durian fruit is difficult to preserve and easily perishable. If not frozen, ripe fruit will spoil in 3 to 7 days. Commonly exported frozen durian has 2 types:

  • Durian frozen meat with seeds (sometimes is durian meat without seed).
  • Or frozen whole fruit.

After purchasing, fresh ripe durian will be immediately frozen -40 degrees C to keep the best flavor of durian. And also to improve shelf life of Durian up to 8 month in cold conditions. After 2-3 days of freezing, durian will be transported through reefer containers from -5-18 degrees C, by sea from 20 to 35 days to the US.

Love Natural co ltd, is a major supplier of agricultural products from Vietnam, we provide fresh fruits such as: Frozen durian, young coconut, lemon fruit, and we produce grass straw also, …adapt with Japan, US’s quality standards. 

Love Natural co ltd, exclusively cooperates with 2 factories that have HACCP and work with many large durian farms and factories packaged professionally. We can provide you with big quantities (1 – 2 container)  in a short time.

We already export to Japan, Korea: 

Why must choose frozen durian

Safety: Freeze right after ripening, no need to incubate or preservatives drugs.

Soft prices: In season, durian prices are soft, when frozen helps to balance and stable prices.

The sweetness is stable from 23% – 25% or as your required.

Big meat: When freezing, you are not afraid to buy a bad quality durian.

Good taste with ice: Durian when frozen, but after 10-15 minutes of freezing, you can immediately enjoy a cool felling with a little ice very excited.

StyleFrozen durian fruit
ShapeVacuum suction with no particles
Freezing processIQF
Preservation processARE NOT
Type of cultivationGENERAL
PackagingBulk, Vacuum Package
Expiry date8 months in – 5C
Weight / kg)0.5 – 1
SourceMekong River Delta – Tien Giang, Ben Tre, Vietnam
TrademarkLove Natural Co., ltd
MOQ100kg or 1 × 20 Feet carton
TYPEWhole or flat seed durian zone

Frozen durian fruit that wants to be exported to foreign countries such as Australia, the US, Japan, Korea … after purchasing, fresh ripe fruit will be immediately frozen -40 degrees C to ensure the essence and sweetness of the durian. while increasing storage time. After 2-3 days of freezing, durian will be transported through reefer containers from -5-18 degrees C, by sea from 20 to 35 days to the US.

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Why do you choose Love Natural frozen durian

Love Natural is strict right from the selection of ingredients, selects delicious standard durians at the garden (each garden has only about 2-3 fruits / batch). You will enjoy delicious frozen durian pods as you were walking up in the garden.

Deliver time 2-5 days after receiving the deposit payment (40%) or finish opening LC.

Delivery time to the Asian countries is 3-7 days, the country Unified Arab is 12-40 days, countries in Europe, and America is 28-35 days.

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