Frozen durian

Frozen durian
Frozen durian

Fresh durian / Vietnamese frozen durian with natural ripening process and adapting to Japanese and US quality standards.

Love Natural co ltd, is a major supplier of agricultural products from Vietnam, we provide fresh fruits and vegetables, and we produce grass straw also, …

Why must choose frozen durian:

  1. Safety: Freeze right after ripening, no need to incubate drugs or preservatives.
  2. Soft prices: In season, durian prices are soft, when frozen helps to balance and stabilize prices. Management time lasts 2 months, keeps longer but the taste does nothing to ripe fruit after freezing.
  3. The sweetness is from 23% – 25%: With the separate standard of durian fruit over 75 days old, it helps to keep the sweetness stable.
  4. Bao sure: When freezing, you are not afraid to buy durian.
  5. Durian when frozen, but after 10-15 minutes of freezing, you can immediately enjoy a cool location with a little ice feeling very excited.

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What problem does frozen durian solve? Is the product fresh and delicious and it meets the user’s needs? Join us to explore the information below.
Durian is known as the “King” of tropical fruits. Every May, June, wherever people go, they can also find stalls, shops, supermarkets selling durian, .. However, if the outside main harvest wants to enjoy, use the special dishes.

where to find durian
where to find durian

Especially, or exporting to foreign countries, keep the original taste is really difficult. Now the price is too high, there are even many people soak in medicine to keep the color and taste. Grasping those regimes, frozen durian products were born.

We have a factory that has H.A.C.C.P and cooperates with many large durian farm and factories packaged professionally. We can provide you with large quantities in a short time.

Deliver time 2-5 days after receiving the deposit payment (40%) or finish opening LC.

Delivery time to the Asian countries is 3-7 days, the country Unified Arab is 12-40 days, countries in Europe, and America is 28-35 days.

where to buy durian fruit
where to buy durian fruit

1. Detailed information on frozen durian products

The reason is called frozen durian, is because people perform freezing methods for durian. This is mainly due to the fact that a single ripe fruit is only really delicious in 3 to 7 days if left under medium temperature. After 7 days, the fruit is very perishable.

Therefore, freezing with extremely low temperature is the best way to preserve the deliciousness of durian fruit.

Our frozen durian products are specific:

  • Product Name: Frozen durian
  • Classification: There are 2 popular types of durian (frozen seedless durian and frozen seedless).
  • Shape: Vacuum
  • Color: The product has natural color, say no to colorants.
  • Storage temperature: – 18 degrees C.
  • Shelf life: 08 months.
  • Packaging: From minus -10 degrees C to minus 36 degrees Celsius.
  • Factory certificate: Certificate of food safety and hygiene; Made on modern production lines, ensuring food safety ISO 22000: 2018. High quality – certified export.
  • Origin: Vietnam.
  • Brand: Love Natural
eating durian fruit
eating durian fruit

Frozen durian products are not only loved by users, they are also a solution to preserve and save the year-round industrious and industrious farmers who stick to durian gardens.

2. The reasons why choose frozen durian products

Frozen durian products are currently popular in the market, thanks to the following reasons:
The cost of durian is usually very soft in the season. However, if the case has passed but still want to be regular, the price will certainly be very high, not to mention the plots to inject preservative drugs into melancholy of many suppliers.

Therefore, the decision to freeze durian is completely correct, both helps preserve the durian fruit, but also is a safe solution, say no to harmful chemicals.
Frozen durian products are easy to take away from home without worrying about spoiling. Many units also export frozen melon to foreign countries.
Customers can store frozen durian in the refrigerator without worrying about causing unpleasant odors, or affecting other foods.

Because the production unit has packed tightly and vacuumed carefully before putting the product in freezing.

how to eat durian fruit
how to eat durian fruit

3. Is frozen durian guaranteed delicious?

Although it contains many vitamins and minerals with health benefits, it seems that many people have not yet adapted to the taste of this fruit.

That is the only reason why users in the market split into two extremes. But it seems that there is not a tropical fruit that is as memorable as a durian, and if eaten, it will give full love.
In fact, users generally prefer to eat fresh durian over frozen durian. Because diners think the fruit just picked up from the garden is still more delicious and delicious. However, with its perishable properties, difficult to transport far, it is imperative to use the freezing method.
Besides, with strict selection and preservation, customers can be completely assured of product quality. The melancholy zones, after 10 to 15 minutes of thawing, still retain the texture, deliciousness, maintain the color, and have more coolness, just like enjoying the fruit at the garden.


Why you should choose our frozen durian :

  1. Professional and good QC processes adapt to the high quality standard of Japan. 
  2. We have a relationship to deal with good prices durian, shipping, and related documents…
  3. Natural ripening and brix meet your requirements. 
  4. Being the king of tropical fruits with high nutritional value brings a special taste, whether frozen durian becomes a product that is sold everywhere is understandable. However, the confusing thing here is the “mind” of the supplier.
  5. Because not all units really care about the health of users.
    From the standpoint of all for customers, we always want to be able to bring delicious, quality frozen durian products to users. All stages, including selection to preservation, are strictly tested. Durian ripens in the garden, then peels it off, vacuum. Ensure 100% food safety, say no to preservatives, colorants.
    To consumers, durian still ensures aroma, color and taste after thawing. Thus, users can still enjoy the delicious fruit even in the off-season.
    Hopefully, with the sharing of product information above, customers can capture and consider buying products from our unit. Confidence is the unit of quality, the most affordable price in the market – customers can be completely assured!
flowers of durian
flowers of durian

We have experience exports Frozen durian to Japan, South Korea:

Love Natural is strict selected standard from the selection of ingredients, selects delicious standard durians at the garden (each garden has only about 2-3 fruits / batch), takes it to separate the shell to the tray, vacuums, hygienic and frozen at (-) 40 degrees Celsius (this is typical cold storage just have in big factory)  in 38h ( after that will reserve in -18 degrees Celsius). . You will enjoy delicious frozen durian pods as if you were eat in the garden.

To have question or pricelist for frozen/fresh durian from Vietnam, contact us Viber/whatsapp : +84886746618

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