Frozen passion fruit

Frozen passion fruit
Frozen passion fruit

Frozen passion fruit juice from Love Natural meets export standards.
Thanks to its delicious and fresh taste, frozen passion fruit juice has become a favorite drink of many Vietnamese and international friends. 

Love Natural frozen passion fruit has a high standard of sweetness, , matures naturally evenly, creates natural sweetness (meets the standard of brix from 15%-18% or higher as required and the incubation time) and attracts of ripe passion fruit flavor of aroma. Within 1-2 minutes we have a delicious, fresh glass of passion fruit juice.

Product type : fresh / frozen fruits

– Size : 70-100 gr / piece

– Appearance : oval-shaped and purple colour, many black seeds with yellowish

– Color : orange

– Protein : 1.2-2.4 %

– Sugar : 15-18 %

– Vitamin C : 70mg %

– Frozen type : IQF / BQF

– Storage temperature : +5-6oC for fresh fruit ; -18oC for frozen fruit

– Packing type : Standard export carton box 10 & 12 KG/ box ; foam box 25 kg / box

– Maturity : 100%

– Origin : Vietnam

The sweet, sour taste and characteristic aroma always satisfy our thirst in the most complete way. However, in addition to the role as a beverage, fresh passion fruit juice or puree frozen passion fruit juice also contains many benefits  that not everyone knows. To better understand this nutritious drink, take a few minutes to follow the article below!

Love Natural frozen passion fruit
Love Natural frozen passion fruit

Frozen passion fruit juice – A nutritious gift from the motherland

Great effect that passion fruit juice brings

According to many practical surveys from the passion fruit trusses, experts said: Passion fruit is a fruit with an extremely rich nutritional content, which can be mentioned as: beta-carotene (prefix to form vitamins A), vitamin C, potassium, digestive fiber…. Using products to make passion fruit juice, passion fruit concentrate will help: 

Stabilize blood sugar:

Passion fruit juice has a fairly low glycemic index, but it contains a lot of fiber. As a result, it can improve insulin function, help stabilize blood sugar and aid in the treatment of diabetes.

Prevent Cancer Risk:

Piceatannol compounds found in passion fruit have been studied to be effective in assisting in the destruction of cancer cells in the colon.

Cardiovascular protection: Potassium is considered an important component, helping to regulate blood pressure, reduce pressure on the walls of blood vessels, stimulate blood circulation, thereby reducing heart pressure.

Boosts the immune system:

We know that vitamin C has always played an essential role in the human immune system, and this vitamin is abundant in passion fruit juice. Therefore, regular use of passion fruit juice, passion fruit juice has the ability to promote the activity of white blood cells, prevent the penetration of harmful bacteria, protect the body from bad agents. from the outside.

Improved digestive function:

The ideal fiber content will bring benefits such as: profitability, increased bowel movements, minimizes risk of minimizing and prevents bad cholesterol by sparing elimination.

Good effects with the coupling system:

In addition to potassium, passion fruit juice also contains various trace elements such as: “Magnesium, calcium, iron, phosphorus… are important structural components of bones. Frozen, pureed passion fruit juice is an effective way to add quality to strong bones.

Support weight loss and skin beauty:

Facing women, this effect brings very high results. Thanks to the antioxidant ingredients, the predetermined passion fruit juice is excellent in preventing aging, fighting inflammation and reducing acne. High fiber content will also be a weight factor to help repel excess fat in the body, fight obesity.

fresh passion fruit juice
fresh passion fruit juice

Revealing how to make delicious passion fruit juice from frozen passion fruit:

In order to enjoy the benefits of passion fruit juice and its best quality at home, we have 2 simple ways:

How to make simple but delicious passion fruit juice

Preparation: Frozen passion fruit juice, sugar, a little salt and ice cubes


  • Thaw the ice for the first time or keep it cool when using passion fruit juice, then add sugar as you like, add a little salt to add a rich flavor. Mix well into a mixture.
  • Pour filtered water into the cup containing the mixture. Add ice cubes to enjoy.

Passion fruit smoothie (passion fruit pureed)

– Preparation: Frozen passion fruit juice (passion meat), fresh milk, condensed milk, sugar, water, shaved ice.


  • Mix the passion fruit juice + fresh milk + condensed milk + sugar and some filtered water in a blender. Blend the passion fruit until it feels well mixed and completely pureed.
passion fruit
passion fruit

Do this if only fresh passion fruit is available:

Break through the passion fruit and take out the intestines. Usually the entire pulp will be used, but if you don’t want to use the passion fruit seeds, you have to do one more thing, filter the pulp by ray (to remove the seeds).

Put all the passion fruit + milk + condensed milk + sugar and some water in a blender. Blend the passion fruit until it feels well mixed and completely pureed.

Pour freshly ground passion fruit juice into a glass, add milk sugar and leopard, depending on your preference.

With two simple ways to make passion fruit juice above, you can prepare yourself and your loved ones a cup of delicious and nutritious passion fruit juice right in your kitchen. It will be great when on hot summer days to enjoy a glass of cool, delicious passion fruit. Just that is enough for us to recharge our activities during the day.

Some new product lines from current passion fruit juice

Passion fruit juice has now become a favorite item of people across the country. However, like many other fruits, passion fruit only comes up when the season is right. From here posing a problem; How to provide enough of this product to consumers during the off-season ? 

And to solve this dilemma, manufacturers have developed new product lines made from concentrated passion fruit juice. These items will have a longer storage time of up to 18 months if frozen and 06 months in the refrigerator. But still retain the right taste of fresh passion fruit, to meet the consumer needs of people at home and abroad.

Frozen Passion fruit juice – Bottle style

For convenience for consumers to use as well as easy to take away when going out. The product of concentrated passion fruit juice was born and received quite the satisfaction from many customers. Raw materials used are still taken from passion fruit in the garden but have been pasteurized and removed from impurities, added with refined sugar, vitamin c and potassium sorbate and bottled in different sizes.

Concentrated passion fruit juice products can be used when reaching the hands of consumers without losing any extra steps. However, you can also reconstitute, add fresh milk, yogurt, milk cream or mix with wine and ice to make a variety of drinks, to suit your preferences.

From concentrated passion fruit juice, it is possible to create many dishes such as frozen passion fruit juice in combination with chia seeds, walnuts … or other flavors to create richness for this drink …

Frozen passion fruit juice – in bottles or bags

Frozen passion fruit juice is a new product line on the market, applied and processed by new technology. The product is suitable for a long time because it is handled well and has a long shelf life. With the orders exported to the international market, this is also a top priority product.

The production process of frozen passion fruit juice can be summarized as follows:

Passion fruit, after being harvested, will be ripened naturally for an even yellow color, initially cleaned and gutted.

 The meat after basic treatment will be put into bags of specified size and passed through a vacuum cleaner. Next, it will be put into the freezer at a deep negative temperature.

The finished frozen passion fruit product will be packed into pill form or in bags, bottles with standard weight according to customer’s requirement.

Make sure the product is in deep cold temperature (-20 degrees) until use.

Every time you open the bottle, put it in the refrigerator. Best used for 2 weeks from opening date.

Compared with fresh passion fruit juice, frozen passion fruit products are evaluated to be uniform in quality. The criteria such as: color and flavor of passion fruit are still maintained and unchanged after thawing. With this product, your family can rest assured that they still have passion fruit juice all year round without fear of the end of the season!

Passion fruit smoothie
Passion fruit smoothie

How much does passion fruit cost in the market?

The current price of fresh passion fruit on the market ranges from 20,000 – 30,000 VND / 1kg.

The price of passion fruit juice is from 35,000 VND to 50,000 VND / bottle depending on the quantity.

It is much more profitable to buy concentrated passion fruit juice. go home to use.

This price is said to be relatively low compared to other fruits in Vietnam, and the delicious and easy-to-eat flavor also makes passion fruit a drink suitable for all consumers in the country. 

Delicious – nutritious are the beauty words that consumers favor for products from passion fruit juice.

With these practical meanings, drinks of passion fruit juice, puree, concentrated or frozen should be part of your family’s daily menu.

Take care of yourself and your family right now with a cool passion fruit juice!



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